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Back Pain from Lifting Wrong; how to lift right

In terms of back pain, many people have the belief that they can lift things properly and in the safest way. They are made to question that belief when they bring harm to their backs through a very simple lift that would not normally be an issue. Once they have had a “broken back” as they say, some will note “but I bent the knees well”. That is to say that there are is more to lifting than meets the eye, there have to be some safer ways to lift weights than just having to bend the knees well.

There Are Different Ways that People Will Suffer Back Pain from Lifting

• Muscle Injury
You mount a lot of stress on the back especially the lower back when you have to move out of a certain position while lifting. Also, when what you are carrying is a lot heavier than what the muscles can take at that point in time, you will certainly get injured. Muscle strain can occur when there is an enormous stress on the muscles, this muscle strain is what may sometimes lead to back injury.

A back injury of this type can be unbearably painful, and it makes it less easy to move without clutching the area. You may find normal breathing somewhat difficult when you have a strained back muscle. Though back pains will normally heal, it sometimes takes a while to heal completely.

• Disc Injury
The disc, also known as intervertebral disc, behaves like bearings and they help to provide a cushioning effect between the spine and the bones. The discs consist of rings that are fibrous in nature, and these can be damaged when an injury occurs. When a disc around the back gets injured, it leads to pains that may spread all the way down to the buttocks.

How to Lift Right

In lifting right, you should endeavor to have good technique especially in a particularly designed training program. When you see some people lifting weights, you would wonder if they are in pain as you’d see them screaming and doing all sorts of things that may be dangerous to the back. You should refrain from such habits.

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Person lifting properly to avoid back pain

If You Are in a Weight Lifting Program, There Are Basic Rules That You Must Follow to Be In A Safe Zone

Warm up: In strength-training programs, it is recommended that you should always warm up before doing any weightlifting. Warming up for about 10-12 minutes will help to get the muscles ready for that task ahead. If it is arm exercises that you are going to do, a few minutes of arm circles on top of that would be enough of a warm-up for that particular exercise if you ease into the lifting.

To lift weights properly, you have to ensure that you are in good form, this is very critical. Do not rock your back or put pressure in your neck, doing these things will give you a less effective exercise and at the same time potentially injure your body.

As you progress, gradually increase the weight, instead of trying too hard the first time. Doing this gives the muscles the time to adjust.

Remember also that breathing is important. Basically, it is recommended that you exhale with the effort as you lift and inhale deeply through the nose as you drop. When you breathe forcefully, you will certainly feel that it will make the process a lot easier.

Of course, these are just some basics to take note of in order to avoid back pain from lifting. Further instruction could be provided by someone in person to make sure that your technique is supportive of the fitness you are trying to achieve. All the best for you healthy fitness endeavours!