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Back pain getting IN and OUT of a car

This video will help for those who feel back pain when getting in and out of the car.

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Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Dave! Hopefully you’re all out there creating those great experiences in your lives.

I keep mentioning creating those great experiences in your life. Sometimes to get to where you’re going to create those great experiences you must drive. Maybe you take a taxi or an Uber, but you must get there. One of the interesting things is this: Did you know that there’s a right and a wrong way to get in and out of the car?

I know it seems kind of silly but if you’re like me and you’re a hurry, you probably do it this way. You just get in, you put one foot in, you kind of twist, you sit, and you lift the other leg in, right? You do it one leg at a time. Interestingly, if you’ve ever had back pain, you’ve probably found that hard to do. That’s because it is a hard thing to do!

There’s a lot of movement involved and that can strain different parts of your body. If you’re healthy maybe it’s not that big a deal.  If we want to avoid problems or especially if you’re noticing some problems, we don’t want to aggravate things or set ourselves up to fail.

<H1> Try This…

A good thing to do when you’re getting in is to open the door and then sit first with both legs out the door. Then you can turn both legs in at the same time. This is much less stressful for your lower back, in those joints down there.

I know it seems a little bit silly, but sometimes when it comes to our health what may be the easiest way to do something, or the fastest, is not always the best for us. Sometimes the best way for us slows us down a bit or might even make us feel a bit silly, but the price is less to your health if you do it the right way. You can preserve your health this way.

Remember, when you’re going out to create those great experiences and you’re getting in and out of the car, make sure bum first, feet second and you’re good to go.


P.S. get out of the car in the opposite fashion…turn both feet out, bum on the seat, then stand on both feet. 😊 See the video by clicking here.