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Low back pain and neck pain are symptoms of how well our body handles dysfunction.

Back pain & neck pain symptoms?

Neck pain and back pain can happen in an instant or over time. Either way, the outcome or impact on a person can depend on several factors like how healthy they are otherwise and how well their body is able to adapt.

This glass half empty or half full analogy is a good way to understand why symptoms like pain can occur for some people and not others. It can also explain why back pain and neck pain can seemingly come and go.

Let’s take a look…

Acute and urgent cases at the clinic are showing up for two reasons. One is trauma like an accident or an injury. The other is a build-up of symptoms or use/misuse over time leading to an aggravation.

How are your neck pain symptoms doing? Are you managing well with your low back pain?

This infographic shows how, like a glass of water, we want to try to keep from letting the water reach the brim and spilling over to cause problems. Life can cause the build up, so changing how we perceive what’s happening around us, how we do our daily tasks, and how we respond to events in our lives can keep the level lower.

Low back pain and neck pain are symptoms of how well our body handles dysfunction.
Low back pain and neck pain symptoms are like a glass of water…if there’s too much water, it spills over and causes problems.

Or, we can also take water out by helping the body work better. Getting the right nutrients through the foods we eat and water we drink, getting enough quality sleep, and staying fit and active all help to keep that water level low.

AND…so does getting chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, physiotherapy, personal training, fascial stretching, etc.

Do as much as you can do on your own to keep those water levels low. Then, as soon as you can, get back into the habit or routine of a check-up or catch-up on your care to ensure you’re not only feeling well, but also working well.

After everything we’re all going through, there probably isn’t anyone among us who couldn’t benefit from some kind of treatment and care!

If you want or need any advice in the meantime, please reach out. It’s a pleasure to help.

Stay great, make some time for yourself every day, and breathe!