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Back Pain from Sitting Too Much

Sitting too much is a much-experienced phenomenon these days. If you watch TV a lot, drive for long hours every day, or work at a computer, chances are that you might have back pain from sitting sooner or later. Such a horrible side effect of having to sit too much may further include: puffy legs, fluid retention, constipation, and sometimes brain fog. All of these are sad situations that you don’t want to end up in.

Sitting Too Much

It is no longer a surprise to learn that a lot of people spend almost half of their day on a chair. The major concern in this article is to analyze the damage it may cause to your health. And, how you can possibly reduce the impact if it cannot be eliminated.

Many people who sit too much will inevitably experience back pain from sitting at some point in their lives.

30 percent more pressure is applied to the back when you are sitting down than when you are in other postures, including standing. You stand a chance of suffering pains on your lower back, sciatica or disc disease when you sit too much. You may experience some other conditions that may not seem connected at first. This includes depression, weight gain, and heart problems.

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone in this problem of sitting too much. The Mayo Clinic published a study in 2013. It stated that the most common reason people visit the hospital in the United States is the issue of back pain.

In another study by the American Family Physician, it was revealed that only about 30 percent of the people who suffer back pain actually seek help to alleviate their pain. Therefore, you are never alone when it comes to the issue of back pain. If you are suffering back pain, you should add to this 30 percent of people who are eager to lead stronger lives regardless. As stated above, a lot of people sit too much these days given the nature of their jobs. But so many people do not really know what is causing their problem, and they struggle. They may even blame old age for their troubles and feel that it’s “normal” so there is no need to seek help.

Why Back Pain from Sitting Occurs

Postural stress is a main culprit of back pain. Due to this fact, pains at the lower back are mostly caused by poor sleeping posture, excessive bending, sitting too much, and wrong lifting. If you sit as most people do, you probably would have a habit of sitting in a manner that puts tension in your neck and back. This creates an imbalance. The imperfect scenario of these unhealthy habits is sitting at home watching TV, sitting in an office chair for almost 8 hours without moving an inch, and of course, driving too long. All of this puts pressure on your spine.

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Solving the Problem of Sitting Too Much

With much having been said about sitting too much, let us now look at how to solve this problem that threatens our quality of life. The common solution remains the same, avoid back pain from sitting for too long. But this can be hard especially for those doing computer work and desk work. With so much work to complete how can you possibly not sit too much?

Regardless of how bulky your job may be, your health should first be your major concern. You want to be healthy to do that job. Therefore, when you will be sitting for too long, you may consider taking a 30-minute break in total for every two hours. That will bring you to the safe zone of sitting for 1 and half hours in every two hour interval. You will still have enough time for your job. At the same time, you can maintain your health at a comfortable level.

If taking this 30-minute break seems impossible, you can just stand up a bit to stretch out the muscles and sit back down in 5-minute increments. Try to include small movements in your daily routine like going up and down a staircase. It will help you a lot.

Chiropractic Doctors Can Help

If your back stiffens and aches due to sitting too much, you may consider visiting a chiropractic doctor. Natural methods of pain relief work, and that is what chiropractic will give you so that you can be free once again to live fully.

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