A person with neck pain.

Manual Therapy for Neck Pain

Doctors of chiropractic often approach neck pain with manual therapy as the primary form of treatment. However, there are several types of manual therapy, including high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) thrust manipulation; mobilization; and/or soft tissue techniques. Is one type...

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chiropractic spinal manipulation can improve pain and function in older adults with chronic lower back pain

Healthy Aging and Back Pain

Healthy aging and back pain can be a conflict of terms. However, with appropriate awareness and treatment when needed, back pain does not have to be an expected consequence of aging. Although back pain will not kill you, it can...

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Neck Pain can affect your day to day wellness.

Neck Pain and Posture

Good posture is typically seen as having nice vertical alignment. In other words, a person looks like they’re carrying their head directly over their body. Instead, we often see the head in front of the body. Sometimes, we call this...

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