healthy eating

Avoid Healthy Eating Traps!

A healthy diet, good exercise, and frequent adjustments are key to a happy body and mind. Whether you are trying to lose weight or are trying to stay at your current weight, maintaining healthy eating habits are important. Read on for dangerous eating traps and how to avoid them!

The Dream Eater

Have you ever settled in to read a good book for a half hour only to look up and realize that almost three hours have passed? It’s very easy to get wrapped up in a great activity and lose track of time. While this is okay most of the time, this same mind trance can sometimes cause chaos in our bodies when it comes to eating. If you sit down with a bowl of popcorn or even a plate of dinner and turn on the TV, work, or read – your mind can slip into this same stage. Slipping into this stage while eating can mean that your brain isn’t listening to the signals the stomach is sending to let your brain know it’s full. Overeating can not only be a cause of obesity, but poor digestion and depression as well. Avoid this eating trap by enjoying dinner with the family or a friend. You’ll be more conscious of how much you are eating and be able to listen to your body’s signals.

The “Snacker”

Similar to our dream eater above, the “snacker” knows better than to get wrapped up in an activity… but still makes a critical mistake! The snacker’s mistake is taking the whole bag or container of whatever it is they set out to eat with them. When eating from the bag or container, it’s harder to see your portion size and easier to overdo it. Avoid this eating trap by portioning out one serving size on a plate or in a bowl before refueling your body. And NO REFILL. Snack responsibly!

healthy eating
Dr. David Koivuranta, Toronto chiropractor, discusses what healthy eating traps to avoid.

The Thirst Quencher

What do you reach for when you’re thirsty throughout the day? An ice cold glass of water or warm herbal tea? Or maybe you reach for a soda or sports drink. It’s easy to get carried away with drinks. While things are okay in moderation – sports drinks and sodas contain an enormous amount of sugar; and depending on the bottle size, one serving can have more sugar than the average adult is supposed to have in one day! If you’ve been plateauing on your weight loss journey or just want to be healthier, you can avoid this food trap by skipping the sugary drinks and sticking to water.

Eating purposely means you’ll be eating smartly! Your body will thank you in the long run!

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Dr. David Koivuranta

Toronto Neck and Back Pain Clinic


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