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Healty Habits can lead to a fun, productive, and good life.

7 “little” healthy habits

Why are healthy habits important? Because being healthy is hard work! From all of those complicated weightlifting routines and diets that say you can eat this but not that, there couldn’t possibly be a way for normal people to be healthy, right?

Of course, we are kidding!

Being healthy can be hard work at times, but there are small steps that everyone can take to improve their health and fitness daily.
We’ve gathered our top 7 “little” healthy habits that you can incorporate into your day easily below!

1. The Swap

– Start incorporating healthier eating into your diet slowly and gradually take away unhealthier choices as you progress. To start off, simply swap one unhealthy snack for a piece of your favorite fruit or vegetable. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy strawberries or papaya with a splash of lime juice, and those looking for something savory will enjoy a sliced tomato with a little balsamic vinegar.

2. The Water Cup

– It’s well known that our body needs a lot of water to function optimally on a day to day basis, yet many of us don’t drink the amount of water we need to stay on pace. To stay hydrated, invest in a reusable water bottle that you can keep with you at home, work, or while on the go. Go online or into a store and pick your favorite! By always having water with you, you are more likely to stay conscious of your need to hydrate.

7 Healthy Habits for living life healthy and well.
7 Healthy Habits for living life healthy and well include eating well and time for yourself.

3. The Worst Spot in the Lot

– Picking up groceries or heading to the mall? If it isn’t possible to walk there, head in the car and park in the worst spot in the lot! Parking a little farther away from the store will be a great way for you and your family to get extra steps in each day on days where you cannot make it to a gym or disrupt your daily routine.

4. The Bag Race

– Coming home from a store with groceries, home supplies, or clothes is typically a time that you don’t think much of. Why not turn it into something fun? Challenge your kids or spouse to a friendly competition when the car is full of items to unload. Who can bring the most bags into the house before the car is fully unloaded? Winner gets bragging rights until next time!

5. The Cleaning Shuffle

– Sweeping and mopping the floors or vacuuming the carpets can be a very enjoyable experience. Next time it’s time to do these chores, become a dance choreographer! Put on your favorite music and shuffle your way through cleaning. If you’re feeling brave enough to share your routine, put on a performance for your family!

6. The Personal Assistant

– Notice a co-worker, spouse or child say they forgot something upstairs or in a different area of the building? Volunteer to grab it for them! You’ll get an extra flight of stairs in for the day and keep active. Every trip will count for adding steps to your daily count. Plus, you’ll gain some brownie points!

7. The Multi-Tasker

– If you’re an avid reader, consider taking your book on the go. While walking down a hiking path trying to keep your eyes on the trail in front of you and trying to see what happens to your favorite character in the next chapter is not recommended… audiobooks are! Audiobooks allow you to sink into a story while leaving you free to work on other things. Taking a walk while listening to your favorite story is an ideal way to combine a hobby with some exercise.

Use some of the tips above to get moving and grooving during your day to day life with some healthy habits. Your body will thank you because of it!

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