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Back Pain

How Do I Fix My Back Pain?

Back Pain…It Can Be Better! Here’s how…

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Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Dave. Hopefully you’re all doing well, enjoying your day, and you’re out there creating those great experiences in your life.

You know what can get in the way of great experience every day? It’s definitely back pain!

Back pain is not fun. I want you to know that it can be better. That’s the big message for today. If you woke up one morning and you suddenly thought how I got 20 years older, how come I can’t just stand straight, how come every step is an effort, and my back just hurts…. And, you think to yourself, where did this come from, how did this happen, why me, what’s this situation I’m in?

You Are Not Alone

I have to tell you that you’re not alone. About 80 percent of North Americans are going to have back pain at some point in their life and about 40 percent of that 80 are going to have chronic back pain. This means that some component of the back issue is going to persist through their life. That’s about a third of the population that has some kind of back issue that’s just not going away, and that’s too much.

I don’t want you to be in that portion of that population.

Back pain is not fun…but treatment is available!


Back pain can happen for a whole bunch of reasons; it can happen from accidents, car accidents, slip and falls, and sporting accidents. It can happen from other things that are more innocuous like pregnancy, working at a physical laborious job every day, working at a sedentary job every day and then, sometimes, unfortunately, believe it or not, back pain can happen for no reason at all.

Why Do I Have Back Pain?

It’s probably because you’ve been walking and engaging in things on this earth of ours as a human being. Stuff has just accumulated and the reality is there’s been a lack of maintenance. It’s just happened as a part of your life. Chiropractors want to know what the difference is, have you been working, or haven’t you? What have you been doing, what haven’t you been doing? Because your story is more relevant than your problem or your pain, and because who has the problem is more significant in getting it better than what the actual problem is.

Usually the diagnosis isn’t that challenging, but the prognosis on what’s going to happen is based on you as a person. It’s based on what you bring to the table and what’re you willing to do. Where have you been, where are you now, and where do you want to go? And why is that so valuable, why do chiropractors spend that time? It’s because we want to avoid masking the situation, masking the pain. Temporary short term solutions are just Band-Aids that help you get by while the problem is actually getting worse. Then you end up in that third of the population that has that chronic back pain. Not good.

Back Pain
Hands on treatment is drug fee and surgery free!


You Can Be Better…but ask for help.

So contrary to popular belief you can be better, you can escape the back pain and it starts with that first step. I don’t like to post a lot of DIY stuff or “do this stretch” for your back or “be aware of this”. It’s very valuable and there’s some merit to it, but my concern is that people view that as a solution to their back pain. It quite often helps but it very rarely fixes the cause of the source of the problem. Without examining you, without sitting down with you, without knowing your story, I don’t want to provide that advice or direction, without you being really clear that maybe you’re just doing some relief stuff but you’re not actually fixing or correcting the problem. Are you making it as good as you want it to be, because maybe we don’t have all that information?

So that first step starts with contacting a chiropractor, making an appointment, doing the consult, doing the exam and only then you can really discover what options you have that are individualised and personalised to you to get you out of that back pain.

If you’re ready for some fun, you want to be pain free, you don’t want to be in that part of the population as a statistic with the chronic back pain… then make the call today. Find the chiropractor in your area that you can go see. If your friends and family see somebody, chances are that you’d like them as well, go see them. If you’re in the greater Toronto area and you can make it to Yonge and Bloor, we’d be happy to see you, I’d love to help. See me on social media, find my website, send me an email, give us a call, I’d be happy to talk to you before you come in, but make that first step, reach out, I’d be happy to help.

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