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Showing Poor Posture When Reading a Book, Neck Bent Down

How to Read – tips for avoiding neck pain

In today’s busy world, it’s good to escape with a nice book. Here’s a different type of “learning how to read” lesson for today. These tips for avoiding neck pain while enjoying your reading are helpful for all ages.

Parents are often heard saying “get your head in a book”. With so much digital interface happening in our lives, from video games to Netflix binging, a good old-fashioned book provides a different experience for our minds.

How You Read

Whether it’s a traditional page turner, or a more modern e-reader, how you read may be as valuable as what you’re reading. Looking up while reading versus looking down for long periods can be the difference between neck comfort and neck pain or headaches.

It may be hard to hold things high enough to comfortably read, however the goal may be a happy medium. While keeping your elbows close to your body, bend the elbows as much as you comfortably can to raise your book. Then, while trying to use your eyes more than your neck, look down to see the page you’re reading. Gently bend your neck down as little as you need to in order to feel comfortable.

Neck Position

The amount that you bend your neck at first may be more than ideal. If you’ve been a neck bender for a while, it will take time and repetition to improve the reading position. However, starting this way every time will help to gradually keep the head higher and looking more forward. It will also give the eyes a chance to adjust so there is less eye strain as well.

Showing Poor Posture When Reading a Book, Neck Bent Down
Example of good posture with the head up while reading a book…this can help to prevent neck pain.

To further assist, using a book stand on a desk or table will help. Here’s my favorite…I have two of them – https://easyreaderusa.com/

As well, using a book holder may be even better, such as this – https://bookriot.com/2018/07/27/best-book-holders/

This same strategy and habit can work with your smartphone, tablet, gaming system, or anything else you may be looking at for a while. It may be obvious what it does to our posture, but a forward head position and excess strain on our spine can also have health implications. From aches and pains to effects on breathing, heart rate, and mood, poor reading positions can be a real downer.

Use these tips to enjoy your time reading, they’re healthy habits to embrace…just like a good book.

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