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Low Back Pain can affect your life in many ways. Proper treatment is recommended for relief and recovery.

Low Back Pain Solved

For some, low back pain in their life can be a mystery, but there is a way to get that low back pain solved. That solution may include complete relief or a means by which to manage and continue to live life.

What solution a person obtains depends on the cause or source of their pain. As well, it depends on what they’re willing and able to do. Finally, it also depends on how advanced that problem is and how long its been there, even if there was no previous pain.

Why is low back pain a mystery? Mostly because pain itself is a complicated and often misunderstood concept. Also, because it’s not just “back” pain, but pain from potentially one or many various parts of the back.

Sources of back pain include the following:

-joint capsules
-nerve tissue
-tendons/connective tissue
-blood vessels

These sources can have different causes of pain. Among many causes, there can be:

-mechanical dysfunction (parts sitting and moving wrong)
-poor habits/patterns
-damaged tissue

It takes a thorough assessment to determine what structures and what causes are in place in each case. That’s why no two low back pain conditions are the same. That’s also why many low back pain cases that seem similar do not respond the same.

Although many cases of low back pain are self-limiting and will go away no matter what the person does, the pain relief does not necessarily mean the problem is fixed. The sources and causes of the back pain may still be present, could be progressively getting worse, and may one day return in a more advance and harder to improve condition.

There are many options for taking care of back pain on your own. There are also many options for getting treatment. It’s not hard to search or ask for these potentially beneficial choices. However, by determining the source and cause of the pain and treating the body so that it returns to a better working state, a healthier back will be the result.

Some simple suggestions for self-care can be found here, but it’s always best to contact a healthcare provider first.

This important difference in the management of back pain can be the difference between a healthy future with less aches and pains versus ongoing problems and issues that interfere with one’s quality of life. So be the new Sheriff in town, do some investigating, get to the bottom of things, and get that low back pain solved.