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Neck Pain From Accidents

Neck Pain from Accidents

When it comes to having a range of symptoms from a health problem, neck pain from accidents spans them all. It’s possible to have no symptoms to incapacitating symptoms after injuring the neck. Aches and pains can also be accompanied by changes to breathing, heart rate, and numbness/tingling into the hands. Importantly, neck pain from accidents does not always involve obvious trauma. Sometimes something as simple as looking too fast in one direction can be enough to cause pain and problems.

Depending on how severe your injury is, neck pain from accidents can last for just a few days and sometimes it can last for several months. There are times when neck pain as a result of accidents will become permanent. This is usually in the case of a very severe accident such as a car accident or from playing sports. You may only be able to relieve the pain through ongoing treatment and self-management.

There are often neck injuries that accompany car accidents. These injuries can be severe, but even the slightest fender bender can result in a mild “pain in the neck”. Keep reading the article to learn more about the various kinds of neck injuries as a result of car accidents. Included are some possible steps you can take to try and alleviate the problems.

Strains, Sprains, and Whiplash

Whiplash is about the most common neck injury that you can sustain from an accident. The types of car accidents that result in whiplash are a collision from the rear end. This can occur at very high speeds, or with the slightest tap. Whiplash takes place when the head moves backward suddenly and then forward again in an instant. This often makes the chin touch the chest. This sudden snap of the neck causes the muscles of the neck to get strained, the joints to sprain, and could even lead to the tearing of the ligaments and tendons.

You will normally start to feel the pain of whiplash within one day after the accident. However, some people may not feel the pain until after some days or even weeks. Whiplash pains can last for months or years. However, a recent study has revealed that some people can recover from whiplash in less than three months after the accident.

Neck pain from accidents is common.
Even a small impact is enough to cause neck pain from an accident.

These are some of the symptoms that will help you detect whiplash neck pain from accidents: Slipped disc injury

Another neck pain injury that can occur as a result of an accident is a herniated disc. This is also commonly called a slipped disc. This kind of injury results when a joint in your spine moves in a damaging fashion and injures the spaces (discs) between the bones (vertebrae).

To take care of this kind of neck injury, physical therapy is usually advised, including chiropractic care. Pain from this kind of injury will usually not promptly go away. Hopefully it does not last more than four to six weeks. However, in severe conditions, surgery could be a necessary measure to cure any ongoing pains if indicated.

There are unique symptoms associated with a slipped disc injury and they might include:

• The muscles of the arm will become weak
• You may get a burning sensation
• Your pain may get worse when you stand or walk
• Numbness will occur
• Coughing and sneezing aggravates

Neck pain from accidents should never be taken lightly. While it is good to be proactive and care for yourself, it’s often best to consult a healthcare provider to ensure proper healing.

If you have neck pain, and you’re doing some self care, be careful not to do this, as described in this video –