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Toronto Chiropractor discusses neck pain from sleeping wrong.

Neck Pain from Sleeping Wrong

If you have experienced neck pain from sleeping immediately when you get up in the morning, you know that it can be very alarming. Waking up with pains in your neck could be the result of your awkward sleeping posture. This can be annoying at best, but it may be painful enough that moving your neck becomes difficult.

Common, But Never Normal

When you are very deep in your sleep, it is possible for your head to go in any direction without you being able to control it. The body can be self-coordinated and your brain could command that your head should go back into a better position. On the other hand, your body can also ignore the wrong position until you wake up. If you do not wake up shortly, you can suffer a pain in the neck the next morning. It is just as simple as that, unfortunately.

You can do a few things to prevent this kind discomforting neck pain from sleeping wrong after you wake. Maybe you have suffered this pain in the past, so you’re encouraged to avoid it! To prevent a future occurrence of this type of situation, you should consider adopting a new, safer sleeping position. Perhaps you should try to change your pillow or mattress for a more restful slumber. Sometimes computer work or watching TV before bed or having your head in an unusual position during the day doesn’t help. It can set the neck up for trouble when sleeping. Even a draft from an open window while sleeping could be the culprit.

What Exactly Can You Do About the Neck Pain?

Check the following points to see how you might effectively get relief from this kind of neck pain.

Try to rest your neck for a while. It’s not necessarily the best time to stretch or strengthen things when it’s aggravated.

Your neck bears a lot of weight; about 14 pounds. That is the weight of an average head. You should try to give your neck muscles time to rest. Find some spare time to lie down. Ensure you have a pillow that is very comfortable, and also ensure you keep your head in a comfortable position. Taking more rest can sometimes be the best natural cure, even if you are just waking up from sleep.

Try as much as you can to avoid stress. Stress often adds tension to the upper back, neck and shoulders. Not only does that potentially contribute to the neck getting aggravated with sleep, it can also slow the healing.

Toronto Chiropractor discusses neck pain from sleeping wrong.Toronto Chiropractor discusses neck pain from sleeping wrong.

Using a Cold Pack or Heat

In some cases, cold packs can be of immense help. However, there are times it will just worsen the situation. Take away the cold pack as soon as you notice it’s not helping or making things worse. Heat can also be applied with the same caution. As well, not too hot, just enough to relax but not further inflame any of the muscles.

Get a Massage

Everyone loves a massage, and I am sure you do too! You can get someone to help massage the area properly; this will make your life better while things heal. A deep massage may not be best at first, more of a relaxing and soothing massage. A deeper massage may be indicated once the neck feels better to help further relax and prevent future episodes. Hands on massage is great, but even a massager-like device can be good.

Be Cautious

Although it may not seem like a big deal, and even though the pain may go away, it’s not a bad idea to get your neck checked. Consider seeing a healthcare provider to determine what has happened, how to get the most improvement, and what to do for preventing future episodes. Getting customized, individualized and personalized care is always a good idea. A little DIY may not hurt, but go easy and be smart. Otherwise, getting some help and advice is never a bad thing.

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