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Pain Performance Health Wellness

Back Pain Decreases Performance

What does being a top performer mean to you?

Does it mean that you can do it all as a super employee, super parent, and a super health hero?

If so, you’re in luck! We want you to be the best person you can be and a top performer in every area of your life. Below are some tips on how to set yourself up to be a top performer!

Organized Chaos

One quality virtually every top performer has is that they know themselves very well. They know how they react under pressure, what type of environment they do best in and what their weaknesses are. With your qualities and tendencies determined, put a strategy in place to remember everything. Top performers always have a lot going on and a strong organizational system is key. For example, if you know you are forgetful, find a great calendar and reminder system for your phone and computer and take the time to schedule everything and anything you need to do. If you get easily distracted, create an environment free of distractions. Some argue that chaos makes the world go round – and that’s easier to do while organized!

Pain Performance Health Wellness
Dr. Dave, Toronto Chiropractor, discusses how pain decreases performance.

Proper Diet and Exercise

We are what we eat. If we fuel our body with processed fast foods, sugary snacks and filler products, our body will start to feel sluggish and slow down. Studies show that carbs and sugary foods make the body feel tired, and when individuals slip into unhealthy eating habits, their cravings for unhealthy food only intensify. The ideal diet varies from person to person but should have a base of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and good fats such as nuts or avocado. In addition to healthy eating, daily exercise will ensure you are performing at your best both physically and mentally. Exercise has been known to release endorphins that combat depression and daily exercise increases the quality of sleep. You have a lot to do – and the proper food and exercise regimen will ensure you give everything your all.

Sleep Schedule

As mentioned above, exercise can complement your sleep. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that about 1 out of 5 adults do not get enough sleep. This can affect your mood by making you irritable, unmotivated, anxious or depressed. Lack of sleep goes well beyond your mood and can at times affect both performance and health. No sleep could mean you make poor decisions, suffer from forgetfulness, or have a lack of coordination. Extended sleep deprivation may lead to high blood pressure, obesity, or heart attacks. Invest in getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night and you’ll be seeing a return in all areas of life.

Pain Performance Health Wellness
Dr. Dave, Toronto Chiropractor, discusses how pain decreases performance.


Daily life puts stress on our body and mind. Some stress is good and can even be considered healthy – but as with everything in life… only in moderation! As we go through our daily life, we become subluxated. Subluxations can be the cause of some minor aches and pains, but can also develop into different conditions. Chiropractic helps to put the spine back into alignment and remove the subluxations. Chiropractic care treats the nervous system which is responsible for sending signals to every other system. Start healing from the source!

It takes a lot to be a top performer; but we know you are up to it! Invest in yourself and good health and you will soon find that all of your goals follow.