Neck pain and back pain can decrease flexibility and suppleness.

Staying Supple (for Neck and Back Pain Relief)

Have you ever noticed that when you have neck and back pain it’s hard to relax? The muscles get all stiff and tense. Your joints don’t seem to be very free. You’re just all locked up!

Well, even when you don’t have neck and back pain, you might be stiff or rigid. And when you’re stiff or rigid, it’s harder for your body to interact with the environment. In other words, it’s harder to move around and do stuff.

If it’s harder to move around and do stuff, and then you do too much or you move in the “wrong” way, you could injure yourself or hurt something. Then, guess what? It gets even harder to relax!


It’s a downward spiral of pain, spasm, restriction, aggravation, and pain. How does this happen? Where does our suppleness go? And can we get it reversed to treat our neck and back pain?

Man bent over at the low back.
Don’t get stuck bent over with neck pain and back pain, stay supple!

Losing suppleness in our spine is a by-product that is directly proportionate to exposure. Not just the amount of time that goes by, rather the amount of use, disuse, misuse and overuse. Like our organs, glands, and blood vessels, our joints, muscles and bones rely on a healthy lifestyle to stay well. Without a good lifestyle, suppleness will dwindle. Or, you’ll get “old”!

Eating well, getting enough sleep, staying fit, and having appropriate levels of stress are all factors for staying functional in life. Avoiding accidents, injuries, repetitive strain, excessive use, decreased time to recover, and balancing work with rest are all helpful ideas for staying supple.


Through exposure, the rate of wear and tear on our body exceeds the ability to heal and we fall behind. Scar tissue, adhesions, spasms, and knots will result. By doing things over and over again and not allowing for some variety or moderation in our activities, our habits also become so engrained that our body forgets how to do other things. This shows up as a rigid body.

Most times, it is recoverable to some extent if not completely. Suppleness can come back if the exposure is changed and the environment is improved. If you are able to improve the quality of what you do, how much of it you do, and how much time there is in between the things that you do, you can get better.

Staying supple allows you to stay active.
Having a flexible spine with no neck pain or back pain will allow you to better enjoy your day and be pain free!


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Of course, getting treatment very specifically changes the environment in the body and can support healing and recovery. Massage therapy, chiropractic care, physiotherapy, osteopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, and reflexology are just some of the options that are available. Deciding which ones you need and which ones you want are important parts of the process.

That process starts with an accurate assessment of exactly how rigid you are. Then you get to decide how supple you want to be again! Accordingly, the steps can be set up for you to follow to start feeling better, moving better, and having better experiences in your day with less pain.