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Your Back In Motion for Life!

If You Don’t Move It!

One of the the common messages we hear over and over and over again from health care providers, researchers, and doctors alike is that if you don’t move it, you will lose it! The same goes for back motion, neck motion, and body motion overall.

As cliche as this statement is, there is nothing more true when it comes to our general health. For many of us, taking time out of our hectic schedules to exercise in a way that we enjoy is not only beneficial for our physical well being, but our overall feeling of happiness well. Whether it be a workout, yoga practice, run, hike, dance class, swim, or long walk, the important thing is that we keep on moving.

Toronto Chiropractor encourages back and spine movement to avoid pain and enjoy life.
Keep your back moving, and your back will keep you moving.

What happens to our physical fitness routine when we want to incorporate a chiropractic adjustment plan into our schedules?


Patients seek the treatment of a chiropractor for a variety of different reasons, some examples are:

  1. To help with chronic back pain flare-ups.
  2. To maintain overall health and wellness, including preserving motion in the back and neck.
  3. To improve injury recovery times.
  4. To manage pain and help heal acute back injuries.

A chiropractic care plan takes into account the individual needs of each patient. Your chiropractor will want to know what your specific health goals are for the future so that they can help you achieve them. Using a holistic approach, chiropractors recognize the value of an active lifestyle. They also know how disruptive it can be to our quality of life when we are unable to participate in the activities that we value.

This being said it is important to recognize that your spine and nervous system might need a break so that you can receive all of the benefits of the chiropractic treatment. Running right to the gym directly following a spinal manipulation therapy may potentially undo all of the good that was just done.


How long should I wait after my appointment to exercise?

You’ve probably already guessed this but, the best person to ask about how long you should wait to return to your normal routine is your chiropractor!

Good chiropractors will want to ensure that you are back to all of the things you enjoy as soon as possible and this is why they will encourage you to follow an exercise plan that is complimentary to the treatment you are receiving.

Toronto Chiropractor talks about exercising after a treatment for back pain.
When should you exercise after a back treatment?


What types of exercises should I combine with a chiropractic adjustment plan?

You may have guessed the answer to this one too, but the best person to ask is your chiropractor!

Low impact activities like swimming, walking or cycling can be very complimentary for the chiropractic care you are receiving. Motion is always good for the body. It is life! Some movement can actually be beneficial for the adjustment you received. It’s like pedalling after adding oil to the chain, it helps to integrate and distribute better.

But wait! Did you just get home from your appointment and are googling this to see if you can go for a run? If your answer is “yes,” stop immediately! Google does NOT have the answer for you. What did your chiropractor say? If you aren’t sure, call them back and find out.

An active lifestyle is always good for you. It’s all about when and how. Your body is a representation of your lived experience, what is good for another may not be good for you. Move smart!